Thursday, 13 October 2011

Taking your pet out safely in your car.

You obviously love your pet and you want to take them out safely when travelling in your car but how do you do this? Well a lot of people will do nothing, they will just leave their pet in the boot or on the back seat but this probably isnt the safest thing for them. I have even seen dogs lieing on the boot shelf and that frustrates me endlessly. People love their pets and you wouldnt let your child sit up there on a car journey so why would you let your dog... an extension of many peoples family?

We use a dog harness which straps into the back seat - these are very useful, they keep the dog safe and secure in the seat while also meaning they cannot move around and distract the driver. Also if the car is to come to a stop very quickly then the dog will not be thrown forward into the driver or passenger.

We recommend these for long or short journeys and came in a lot of use when I took my wife and dog up to the North. We rented a gorgeous pet friendly cottage and spent the weekend on nice walks and relaxing by a fire. Simply stunning. Of course when you do things like this you want to make sure you travel safely so you should of course ensure your dog is also.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Training your pet

What useful bits of advice can we offer you for training your pet? Well one of the key items you need to ensure you know is to make sure you have treats on hand regularly. You need to reward good behaviour and not just say "no" or "bad dog" for everything else. Dogs learn what is good by being rewarded and that is the best way to train your dog.

We wanted to train our dog as well as possible and as early as possible as we wanted them to fit around our lives, we wanted to make sure he was well trained in our house so that we could find a pet friendly cottage in Devon and take him there to share our holiday with us. This has worked amazingly well as after 3 weeks our dog was house trained and we had methods to reward them for good behaviour and for them to know what isnt acceptable.

One of the things we did not like them doing was biting, especially as puppies they use their teeth a lot and we combatted this by getting a small childs water pistol, and everytime they bit (remembering this is puppy biting and not vicious!) we sprayed them and after a few days we only had to be seen to get the spray and the dog would calm down! It was amazing and we have passed that useful tip onto many other people who have found their puppy enjoying playing games with their teeth!

Our dog is so good now that we do take them everywhere, we took a day trip from London to Stonehenge and they were as good as gold! Just remember, water, treats, lead and poo bags and you wont go wrong!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Where is best to walk my dog?

Where is the best place for you to walk your dog when at home? A lot of people will generally just walk their dog around their street, you should look to give your dog a nice walk of about 30 minutes at least really - but this can vary depending on the dogs age and general day time activity. Most people would love to walk their dog around a nice park but some dont have that near them so have to opt for walks along the street. I wonder how people in London with dogs must cope? Do they take their dog on a little London Sightseeing tour everytime they want to take them out?

One of the key things you need to remember, wherever you take your dog for a walk is bags to clear up your dogs mess. Too oftn people do not do this and leave it for others and it really gives the majority of good dog owners a bad name so please help out your fellow dog walkers by cleaningup after your dog - it makes life so much easier for everyone. Otherwise sooner or later you will see dogs not being allowed out anywhere!

I always think dogs will love being walked along the beach, they generally enjoy the water and sand and theres nothing I like more than seeing my dog running free through the water. There are quite a few pet friendly beaches in the UK but you just need to double check first that this is okay! You can usually check this online so dont be afraid to. All in all your dong loves going anywhere that may involve other people and dogs and new smells, try and spice up a walk for your dog by showing them new places and smells and with other dogs and people. They will love you for it.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cottages in Isle of Wight

You dont have to travel to devon or cornwall to find a great pet friendly cottage! The Isle of Wight provides some spectacular cottages for you and your pet so you dont want to be forgetting it as a possible destination.

With coast all around and some fantastic properties we would always recommend finding pet friendly cottages in Isle of Wight as there are some real crackers ready for you! (TGQ468SDTY3P). We always recommend doing some proper research and one of the key items you need to look at is how to get to the Isle of Wight. You will need to take ferry across which is usually no longer than 30 minutes and there are more than a 100 crossings a day so you should have no problems finding one.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Amazing Pet Friendly Cottages in Cornwall

So Cornwall isnt just about great beaches and surf, you also find some amazing pet friendly cottages there. You will find tranquil little cottages available to you or homes that belong in LA! There are a wide variety of homes on offer to anyone wishing to find a pet friendly cottage in cornwall for them and their pet.

The one thing you need to remember about cornwall is that it is a long way from the bright lights of London so if you travel down be sure not to think that when you have got to Devon that "you are almost there" if you are heading down to Truro you still have a long drive ahead!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pet friendly cottages in Devon

There are pet friendly cottages all across the country and these are great to suit the needs of people who wish to travel across the UK with their pets. There are hundreds of pet friendly cottages in devon to suit everyone needs so you and your pet can enjoy a relaxing break together in the great british county of Devon.

So what can you expect from a pet friendly cottage? Well firstly they are made for pets to be indoors as they would be at their own home. So you dont have to feel guilty letting them in. Obviously you are going to want to make sure the dog is as clean as possible and not go out of your way to make sure you pet will make a mess but you also dont need to feel guilty about them being there.

A pet friendly cottage is the ideal way so you can enjoy a relaxing break without worrying about your dog being in a kennel. No one wants that - expecially your pet, your pet would want you to be chilled and relaxed when your on holiday and will love sharing that moment with you. So enjoy devon and enjoy your pet and your cottage!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Pet Friendly Cottages and Attractions in the UK

We often need a break and want to take our pets with us, well now we can with a great variety of Pet Friendly Cottage available. We now also provide you with a great number of adventurous trips for you and your pet! Devon is a gorgeous place that can offer visitors lots of alternative sports and activities. Your Devon Holiday will be spent well with healthy adventures for you and your pet.


Cycling is a great way to spend your time in Devon, there are many wonderful cycle paths to follow and your pet can join you on it! Of course when you have finished then you can always retreat back to your idealic pet friendly cottage to relax with your dog and family!


One of the key reasons to visit Devon is due to the amazing walks available to you on Dartmoor - see Hound Tor and let your pet enjoy the outdoors and run around along with other pets also there. If you dont fancy walking on the moor then the great thing about Devon is that there are also coasts... so why not take your pet down to Teignmouth and walk along the beach! Just dont forget to clean your pet before you get back to one of the many pet friendly cottages available online.

You can also walk along the beaches or along the coastal roads and admire the scenic places around you. Walking during your cottage holiday can be as fun and adventurous for you and your pet.