Thursday, 13 October 2011

Taking your pet out safely in your car.

You obviously love your pet and you want to take them out safely when travelling in your car but how do you do this? Well a lot of people will do nothing, they will just leave their pet in the boot or on the back seat but this probably isnt the safest thing for them. I have even seen dogs lieing on the boot shelf and that frustrates me endlessly. People love their pets and you wouldnt let your child sit up there on a car journey so why would you let your dog... an extension of many peoples family?

We use a dog harness which straps into the back seat - these are very useful, they keep the dog safe and secure in the seat while also meaning they cannot move around and distract the driver. Also if the car is to come to a stop very quickly then the dog will not be thrown forward into the driver or passenger.

We recommend these for long or short journeys and came in a lot of use when I took my wife and dog up to the North. We rented a gorgeous pet friendly cottage and spent the weekend on nice walks and relaxing by a fire. Simply stunning. Of course when you do things like this you want to make sure you travel safely so you should of course ensure your dog is also.


  1. Hmm, dogs love to travel in cars! People usually see them looking out the window, right? I guess that is cool. However, owners should watch out for their dogs and provide them safety by using this. Some may not be aware, but there are actually dog seatbelts that can fit different types of dogs. :D

    Erwin Calverley

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